In Foundation for the Study of Cycles founder Edward R. Dewey's words - "If the fractions of the orbital periods of any of the planets have anything to do with the terrestrial cycles we ordinarily study, ...all cycle periods that are not determined from data that are not exact orbital periods of the proper planet will be in error." - ERD - April 30, 1976 - Manuscript - Cycles Magazine.

Is planetary motion against the backdrop of the sun's gravitational electromagnetic field - somehow the cause of Dewey's "cycles"? 

The Barydyne Group was established on September 27th, 2012 to utilize trading signal generated by proprietary quantitative analysis software using astronomical data-based entry and exit trade triggers. 

Our multinational group of active traders meets in online Webex live sessions twice weekly to define and execute precise entry and exit dates and trades and to actively assist in the construction of our internal proprietary trading platform, currently under development. 

The Barydyne Traders Group, with an internet website outreach at Timing Planets, meeting twice a week in a live laboratory setting, is a breakthrough global group that is reinventing trading. Attaining true excellence requires team effort, multiple points of view, and diverse skill sets. Team building becomes increasingly critical as the world grows more complex, and as businesses have to work across boundaries and borders. 

The Barydyne Traders Group offer a greater breadth of experience-based learning than any business school in the world. The Barydyne price prediction model will change the world. The process was born within this group and nurturing continues within. This group embodies and propagates a culture of visionary spirit that will bring prediction theory breakthroughs into daily lives to improve all of mankind.

You will be given a look into the future with precast price predictions. As a member of this global group, you will participate with group decisions to select buy, sell, enter and exit strategies. You will be given the vision to make the right choices to make more informed trades. 

Projections of the current assets that we work with now range from commodities to Forex, energy, stocks, and many more. 

Our data is a result of over 40 years of research. Graphic price precast projections are generated through a proprietary data mining software application analyzing of millions of historical planetary momentum to price studies data points for each market.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio...than are dreamt of in your philosophy."Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

Barydyne Traders Group Membership is open globally to all professional investors and traders with an open mind who are willing to help test our signals, and share the profits. 

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